About Christa Nelson

About Christa A Nelson, BLA, MBA

Christa NelsonChrista is currently the Marketing Director at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PLC. She holds a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, and graduated magna cum laude with a Master of Business Administration. Christa also fulfilled the requirements for the Certified Professional Services Marketer in October, 2003 granted by The Society of Marketing Professional Services. Christa frequently guest lectures on various marketing topics, branding techniques and communication tools. She is quite passionate about helping others identify their DNA. Christa previously owned and operated The Epiphany Group, Inc., a full-services marketing firm in Atlanta, where Christa built an impressive resume and portfolio. She worked with clients in the professional services industry, real estate industry, non-profit industry and publishing industry.  Christa’s professional career before The Epiphany Group, Inc. was centered on marketing and business development for engineers, architects, environmental firms, and interior designers. Christa’s forte included sales planning, corporate training, public hearing presentations, lead generation, negotiating subcontracts and networking. She is considered very tech savvy and budget conscious.

Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessed Christa’s top five themes as Strategic, Developer, Communication, Arranger, and Adaptability, and provided personalized strength insights that describe her quite accurately. Christa is an imaginative team player, who is gifted in motivating people in their own talents. She is known for being fond of talking which makes her a good conservationist and presenter. Christa is organized and flexible and is able to figure out how to arrange all the pieces and resources for maximum productivity. Christa is regarded as reliable, dependable and honest and excels in environments where she deals with unexpected requests, unanticipated problems or changing priorities. She is an active listener, and picks out the most important aspects to ensure an optimal outcome. Christa takes pride in her ability to develop an imaginative game plan and creative solution to challenging projects.

Christa greatly enjoys collaborating with wonderfully talented individuals and firms and holds them in high regard. Notable partnerships have included: FUEL, de Novo Alternative Marketing, Starr Design, Playnet Webhosting, Rockadot, Alpha Graphics, and others.

Professional Organizations

Christa currently serves as the Communication Advisor to the Executive Board for the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN) and volunteer digital marketing coordinator for Awaken Ministries.  She is currently a member of the Marketing Peer Network group and has also been active in Advertising Federation of Cedar Rapids and the local chambers.  Prior to joining the firm she also served as digital marketing coordinator and meals ministry coordinator at River of Life Ministries.  Christa previously served as President-Elect, Membership & Newsletter Directors for the Iowa SMPS Chapter previously. Prior to moving to Iowa she served as President-elect and secretary of the Georgia SMPS chapter, and volunteered on the Newsletter Committee.  Christa had also been an active member in the Georgia chapters of GEDA, CREW and ACEC.

Nelson Family 2014Personal

Christa and her husband Carlos live in Marion and have 3 sons. Christa and her family are very active in athletics and have an affinity for basketball, soccer, golf, and track.  When not attending all the boys activities, Christa enjoys cooking with her husband, scrapbooking and music.


“I’ve known of Christa’s keen marketing and business mind forever – nearly 20 years. But after working together recently, I’m in awe of her knowledge of social media, website design, and search engines and how she is able to use all the latest technology to truly fit our organization’s needs. All you have to do is give her the problem…and she solves it!” – Julie Beem, Executive Director, Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc.

Christa Nelson is a talented designer who provides awesome designs for signs and other graphics projects. She has a great eye for color and design. She understands print requirements and supplies files that work well on our equipment. We’ve worked with Christa on multiple projects and have been very pleased with her project management skills as well. “Two thumbs up.” – Mike Moellers, Leap Frog Graphics

Christa Nelson is wonderful! She did our engagement and wedding photos. She gave us so many great pictures it was impossible to choose just a few favorites. I would recommend her to everyone! – Jayme Freye

Super ChristaWorking with Christa is a delight. She has a natural eye for design and does an amazing job of staying in-tune with the fast-changing trends on the web and in social media. She’s remarkably responsive and manages her time effectively throughout a project’s progress. I appreciated her straight-forward approach to outlining our joint project and identifying pricing elements. She stayed in constant communication to keep me informed of changes and their potential impact on the timeline or cost of a project.. That kind of relationship meant respecting my budget, allowing for flexibility through creative solving, all while giving me informed choices. It meant helping to ensure my projects succeeded. – Annie Wiesner-Schaub, Project Manager

“Christa is one part web guru, one part training consultant, one part SEO expert, and one part business coach given her past experience as co-owner of Atlanta-based The Epiphany Group, Inc.  When she’s not working she enjoys photography, cooking, crafting and music. She also enjoys watching her son play soccer and her husband coach basketball.” – Heather Smith-Friedman, de Novo Alternative Marketing.

You can view her entire online bio on LinkedIn.